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Thank you to our members who attended the 2019 Fall Business Meeting. The event took place at Vadnais Heights Commons in Vadnais Heights and featured a performance from A Touch of Magic Entertainment's “laugh specialist” Denise Oatley Hall for a comedy hypnosis show. Denise is a board-certified hypnotist who believes laughter is magical: it puts a smile on your face, lights up your spirit and helps your body and soul thrive. Attendees learned how laughing can lower blood pressure, reverse illness, and release endorphins.

Interested in hosting the 2020 Fall Business Meeting?

Each year, the Munici-Pals Fall Business Meeting is 

hosted by one of our member cities.

If your organization is interested in showing off your

community and hosting the business meeting in October

2020, please contact President Lori Hensen at

2018 Fall Business Meeting hosted by the City of Crystal.